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As your child enters those challenging pre-teen and teenage years, does it feel like you're slowly drifting apart? You're not alone.

We understand the challenges of parenting during these
crucial years. 
What if you could deepen those bonds while also nurturing socially conscious, globally aware kids?

Introducing Tibeb Family - the platform that brings parents and teens together through the power of storytelling. Our engaging African superhero stories and empathy-building activities spark meaningful dialogues that reignite family bonds.

Say goodbye to tension and hello to a deep connection with the Tibeb Family.

Tibeb Family Difference:

Our courses are meticulously crafted to empower both you and your child through
our unique three-pillar approach:

Strengthening Bonds: 

Engage in immersive activities that bring parents and teens together, reigniting open communication and understanding. Share laughs, learn side-by-side, and rediscover the genuine connection you once had as your child opens up like never before.

Expanding Perspectives:

Tibeb Girls' gripping African superhero stories transport you to worlds tackling real issues like inequality, courage, fear, and hope. These riveting stories spark profound discussions that nurture cultural empathy within your family.

Inspiring Action: 

Together, confront real-world challenges inspiring insightful conversations and collaborative projects that create positive local impact. These shared experiences forge unbreakable family memories that shape resilient world-changers.

Join Tibeb Family and start connecting with your teens like never before.

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