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Course five:

Boge’s Fight:  Problem Solving Mastery

Congratulations on reaching Course Five of "Boge’s Fight"! In our complex world, the ability to solve tough challenges requires authenticity, persistence, and emotional intelligence. As you continue your journey of empowerment and resilience, you and your child are invited to explore the strength found in unity and collaboration in problem-solving.
In this course, you will engage in thought-provoking discussions, interactive activities, and inspiring stories that illustrate the impact of collective action.

What You'll Learn:

  • Relentless Problem-Solving Mastery: Problem-Solving Under Pressure: Engage in interactive scenarios and role-playing exercises to practice making effective decisions when faced with adversity. From Tigist's determined search for Muna, you'll learn the mindset required to tenaciously solve any problem through focused data gathering and analysis.

  • Strength in Togetherness:  In a world filled with challenges, unity becomes our source of hope and resilience. Throughout this course, we'll explore how coming together amplifies our voices and empowers us to advocate for justice. From local communities to global movements, unity has the power to break barriers and pave the path towards a fairer society.

  • The Authenticity of Emotions: All people, regardless of gender, age, or physical stature, possess the capacity to be authentic in expressing their genuine emotions. Take Desta, for instance—a strong man unafraid to show his worries about his daughter's safety. His willingness to be emotionally authentic, despite societal expectations, illustrates the importance of genuine expression in building trust and deepening relationships.

Join the Collective Journey:

Are you ready to make your family a catalyst for change? Enroll now and be part of a collective journey towards empowerment, resilience, and social transformation.