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Course Three

Boge’s Fight: Authenticity 

It's time to become an unstoppable force for good! As parents, we all want to raise strong, resilient kids who can courageously overcome life's challenges. Here's the truth: Young people today face harsh realities we couldn't imagine at their age - from bullying to peer pressure to injustices like FGM that rob girls of dignity. That's why Boge's Fight - Course Three: Authenticity is a must-have experience to empower your family. The key to raising resilient youth? Authenticity. Through the gripping story of Boge, Melkam, and the fearless Tibeb Girls, this course will empower your family to:

Through the gripping story of Boge and Melkam and the fearless Tibeb Girls, in this course

What You'll Learn:

  • Strength Through Authenticity: Discover how embracing your true emotions can make you stronger and forge deeper connections with others. Learn from the courageous Tibeb Girls as they openly express their sadness and grief, demonstrating that genuine strength lies in vulnerability.

  • Bonds of Empathy:  Experience the power of empathy in creating meaningful bonds with those around you. Explore how authentic emotional expression fosters understanding and compassion, enriching your relationships and strengthening your family unit.

  • Inspiration to Lead: Be inspired by Boge's unwavering courage and compassion as she confronts injustice and advocates for change. Learn how deep empathy can drive you to take bold action and stand up for what's right, even in the face of adversity. This immersive course includes videos, activities, and games to bring these authentic leadership principles to life.

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