Meet the Tibeb Girls

Tibeb Girls: Hope in The Face of Social Injustice! When Empathy Girl, Whiz Kid Girl and Power Girl unite their superpowers, they are unstoppable.


A gentle spirit with a heart full of empathy. Her telepathic powers create a deep bond, as she listens to your thoughts and understands your emotions with kindness


Fearless and strong, she leads others on the path to justice. With her ability to fly, she soars above obstacles, fighting for
what is right.


A master of patience and intellect, she possesses remarkable analytical skills. With her power to halt time, she swiftly dissects information, unraveling mysteries with precision.

Watch the Tibeb Girls

Episode 1: Crying for Help 

When a young girl flees home due to a misunderstanding about menstruation, the Tibeb Girls come to her aid, offering refuge and wisdom from Fikir's grandmother. Lemlem gains the courage to face her situation, strengthening the bond among her friends as they navigate tradition and modernity.
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Episode 2: Stand Up for the Truth

Lemlem's mother lashes out, forcing her to seek refuge with the Tibeb Girls. As Fitih races to get medicine for her sick brother, she confronts her uncle over owed money. Inspired, Lemlem finds her voice against her mother's menstruation taboos. Though they achieve a hard-won reconciliation, Fitih faces new troubles when her uncle levels accusations against her.

Episode 3: Authenticity 

Fitih confides in her friends about her uncle's shady land deals when they get a call for help. Rushing to a distant village, they meet brave Boge, who they aid in preventing her kidnapping. Learning Boge's sister Melkam suffered FGM complications, the Tibeb Girls vow to support their fight against the harmful practice. But after Boge speaks out, her home is threatened, setting up a showdown the friends must stop to protect her.

Episode 4: Mastering Resilience 

A fire at Boge's home reveals Muna has been abducted, likely by the area's last practicing female circumciser. As Tigist leads the search, clues point to Muna's uncle's village. Back home, Tigist recounts how they pieced together the clues, and the girls celebrate their teamwork in averting tragedy.

Episode 5: Problem-Solving Mastery

After Muna is abducted, likely by the town's last practicing female circumciser, Tigist leads the girls in a daring investigation. Hitting roadblocks but they refuse to give up.

Episode 6: Role Models

For a school project, Fikir partners with Jemal, whose father Kebede is violently abusive at home. When the Tibeb Girls intervene to stop Kebede's attack, Jemal injures Fikir. Though the principal gives Jemal another chance, Kebede's rages continue to endanger his family.

Episode 7: ENOUGH!

Kebede's anger boils over into physical blows against Jemal until the Tibeb Girls stop the attack, leaving Kebede unconscious. Later at school, Jemal faces suspension, and his return home prompts another confrontation.

Episode 8:The culture trap

Wedajo and the village chief pressure Shishig over Fitih's custody and land ownership. Separately, Hanna resists her impending forced marriage until the Tibeb Girls dramatically rescue her. But Mekdas seeks retaliation, demolishing Shishig's shed in an ominous escalation.

Episode 9: The Wedding

Fitih struggles to convince her siblings to leave Wedajo's house. When she doesn't meet Fikir and Tigist as planned, they search for her, eventually tracking her to a forbidden cave where Jemal and Shishig are hiding. Their quest to find Hanna will have to wait until morning.

Episode 10: Revelations

As Mekdes faces pressure over the wedding, Tigist gets a scholarship opportunity - but leaving may mean turning her back on her friends. Family loyalties are tested as secrets about Wedajo's schemes come to light.

Episode 11: Face to Face

Hanna avoids marriage with her aunt's help. Tigist debates telling her mom about her scholarship chance. When Mekdes shockingly claims she canceled Hanna's wedding, Hanna's aunt is skeptical until learning the truth. Meanwhile, Natti sacrifices his schooling to care for his siblings.

Episode 12: The Day Before

Crises mount as Abel and Selam fall in a river, prompting a frantic search that exposes Wedajo's negligence. Gelane faces expulsion after her teacher's abuse, until the Tibeb Girls champion her cause. Scholarship dreams mix with scientific curiosity amidst worries over the siblings' safety.

Episode 13: Triumph!

Unified, the Tibeb Girls clear Gelane's name by uncovering evidence of her teacher's misconduct, forcing the principal's hand. At a pivotal custody hearing, powerful testimonies expose Wedajo's unfitness, and justice prevails when Fitih regains custody of her siblings through the friends' courage.