About Tibeb Family

We're a passionate team of educators, creators, and social innovators sparking a global movement to redefine family dynamics and empower the next generation of leaders. Through the power of storytelling and immersive learning, we're strengthening bonds between parents and children while nurturing empathetic changemakers ready to tackle humanity's biggest challenges.

Our Mission

To strengthen family relationships and empower parents and kids to become catalysts for positive social change in their homes, communities, and the world.

Our Vision

A future where families are tightly knit, culturally aware, globally conscious units - equipped to confront issues like inequality, climate change, and social injustice.

Our Approach

At Tibeb Family, we fundamentally believe that strong family bonds are the bedrock for creating a better world. When parents and children connect deeply through open communication, mutual understanding and shared experiences, they become an unstoppable force for good.

This core philosophy shapes our educational approach of bringing families closer through storytelling, engaging activities and tackling real-world issues head-on. Our proven 3-pillar model simultaneously strengthens bonds, expands perspectives on global challenges, and inspires collaborative action projects that create positive local impact.

Our Roots: 
The Tibeb Girls Story

Tibeb Family was born from the groundbreaking Tibeb Girls universe- the first African superhero stories and educational media brought to life through transcontinental collaboration. Conceived by visionary creator Brukty Tigabu, Tibeb Girls is a production of the award-winning Whiz Kids Workshop.

Whiz Kids is a pioneering social enterprise that has been transforming education for Ethiopian children and families for almost two decades. 
Whiz Kids united an exceptional collective of creative talents across 10 African nations to craft Tibeb Girls immersive worlds that awakens cultural pride and a lifelong passion for learning. Recognizing the power of shared family experiences, Whiz Kids Workshop created Tibeb Family to embed transformative growth and empowerment within the family unit itself. This natural evolution brings the Tibeb Girls' universe full circle, igniting meaningful dialogues between parents and children.

Whiz Kids Workshop's Lasting Impact

Children and Families Reached Every Broadcast

Broadcasting Partners in 7 Ethiopian Languages

School Children Directly Benefiting

Join Our Movement

Whether you represent a foundation, corporation, school, or are a creative talent, we invite you to explore partnership opportunities and help redefine the intersection of education and family bonding.
Foundations & Corporations:

Your support enables us to make our engaging, interactive courses accessible globally through blended learning models that create an equitable future for all families.
Creators & Artists:

We're always seeking exceptional writers, illustrators, animators, and designers to collaborate in expanding our universe of culturally resonant stories that shift mindsets.
Schools & Educators:

Ignite curiosity and strengthen home-to-school connections by integrating our innovative Social Emotional Learning curricula into your classrooms, guided by the transformative power of storytelling.

Our Accolades

Whiz Kids Workshop  has received international acclaim for our pioneering work in
education and children's media, earning more than 10 prestigious awards. 

Our Partners

Our past and present partners have been instrumental in amplifying our reach and impact, making our mission to strengthen family bonds and drive positive social change achievable on a global scale.