Course One

Lemlem's Journey 1

Watch as the Tibeb Girls rescue Lemlem from danger after she runs away from home when she gets her first period

Learn why a child may put herself into danger when she is afraid of her parent’s reaction to her situation and how receiving kindness and empathy can empower her to make the right choices to protect herself.
Course Two

Lemlem's Journey 2

Watch what happens when Lemlem tries to confront her mother before making a wise plan.

Learn how you must put yourself into another person’s shoes to understand why their perspective is so different from your own so that you can communicate with them in a way they will understand.
Course three

My Body is My Own

Watch as the Tibeb Girls rescue a young woman from abduction and then meet her bed-ridden sister whose life was destroyed by FGM, forced child marriage and fistula.

Learn how showing our true emotions makes us stronger and creates bonds of empathy with others so we can arise with courage to actively help others.
Course Four

House of Horrors

Watch as the Tibeb Girls rush to rescue the helpless woman trapped inside a blazing home that had been purposely set on fire.

Learn how to stay calm when facing a crisis so you can think clearly, make wise decisions and avoid careless mistakes.
Course Five

The Final Betrayal

Watch as the Tibeb Girls solve the mystery of where Muna has been taken by her abductors who plan to circumcise her.

Learn how solving challenging problems is the result of collecting clues and analyzing them with focus, concentration and determination.
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